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Pricing: 2018 Plum Creek Alpacas Handling Fees BOARDING 1. Services: - daily management and care - medication administration - maintenance of facilities - phsyliam given quarterly - trimming toes - checking teeth - annual shot of CD&T - trimming teeth - housing - record keeping $100.00* SHEARING $35.00 FECAL CHECK (as needed) - collecting samples - monitor fecal status - delivering sample to lab $45.00 TRANSPORTATION: call for pricing QUARANTINE Included on arrival on farm as normal boarding fees - special consideration for "in state farms" - isolation from herd - monitor of animals for ailments containment of possible contagions - 30-day cycle minimum & Cleared LEAD & HALTER TRAINING Cria $90.00 Adult $180.00 BREEDING of Boarded Stud to female as contracted by stud fee or of owner - supervised breeding - scheduling veterinarian visits** - record keeping $50.00*** CRIA DELIVERY - watching for delivery - dispatching veterinarian as needed**** - immediate boarder notification - monitoring growth and development - assistance to mom and/or cria - handling and socialization $200.00 BOOSTER SHOTS Included in normal boarding fees WEANING part of standard boarding care 1. Gradual separation schedule: - weaning the cria from its mother - weaning the mother from its cria 2. Herd integration of cria: - monitoring the safe behavior between herd and cria - ensuring cria adapts to herd routine ADDITIONAL CARE included as normal boarding care

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Care, management of all your alpacas daily needs starting from the arrival on the farm. This includes daily monitoring to ensure they are eating well and are other wise healthy and happy. monitoring of weight, toe and teeth maintenance as needed, annual shots and other parasite maintenance as needed for our region. All alpacas have choice of shelter if they desire to be out of the weather, free access to mineral supplements and treats or additional feed as required for special needs. We are a hands on care facility of alpacas exclusively, we have no other livestock on the premises, our herd is watched over at night by our Great Pyrenees dogs. Experienced breeder of alpacas for over twenty five years, hands on involvement during cria births as needed or required. We encourage our clients to participate in our regular herd management routines.