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You will need a blood card from Alpaca Owners Association if you are in the US. They are inexpensive so always have some on hand. We register all born here and recommend you do the same. They are registered after five months.

If you are showing you will need to allow time to get this done. You will also need to get your BVDV test results done on all crias. We have found the AOA test to be the most reasonable option.

Drawing the blood needed is somewhat frustrating. Sometimes it's quick to find a vein in the neck quickly. Other times it takes several attempts. Other ranches employ the base of the tail as a sourcing point for the blood. We have not done that. The process make you squirm a little, but you can learn to do it. But get some training as the vein is on one side and the esophagus is on the other side of the center point. Please don’t call us for help. We use our camelid experienced veterinarian.


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Friday, January 12, 2024