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Standard Woven Wire

VERY IMPORTANT: Use 2” x 4” no climb woven wire fence that is at least 5’ high as fencing for Alpacas. T-posts, if used, should be at least 12” taller, if not 18”.

Alpacas do not challenge fences the way horses or cattle do. You are not so much keeping them in as keeping predators out. Barbed wire is an inappropriate and ineffective fence for Alpaca pens.

Other Fencing Considerations

If you have a pond, you should take immediate steps to fence it off. You don’t want them using it. They will want to use it to cool off. But it will rot their fiber. It also can cause parasites to bloom and negatively affect their health.

Consider using a barbed wire strand on the bottom and outside of your fence. This would discourage dogs and coyotes from digging underneath the fence. An electric hotwire can serve the same purpose.

Some people prefer to have corner posts/H-braces made from round wooden posts driven into the ground by a pneumatic pounding tractor attachment. We utilize pipe fence corners/braces that are welded and set in concrete.

Moveable Panels

Purchase lightweight moveable panels rather than heavy cattle panels as a temporary inside-the-pen solution to your fencing for Alpacas. We have utilized excellent panels available from: Derek Smith located in Oklahoma (918-777-6295) You can pick up or coordinate with Derek for shipping. Or you may want to consider lightweight 16’ feedlot panels secured to T-posts as a movable fencing option between same sex pens. They are not tall enough to go between males and females.


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