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Can I run Alpacas and other animals together? Yes.  Should you run other animals with Alpacas? No. Let’s find out why…

Don’t run Alpacas and other animals together, except true livestock guard dogs and/or Llamas (of the same sex.) People that ignore this advice and say it works for them create more problems than they will eventually want to solve.

“To each his own?” — Not Really on This!

The argument on this topic that “it works for us/them” is one that drives every knowledgeable breeder or responsible hobbyist crazy. Especially when it comes to raising them in a mixed species paddock. If you find another operation that appears to not have any issues, rest assured that they eventually will.

As the article above documents, there are just too many reasons to keep them separate from other animals like goats (of any size), sheep, donkeys, miniature horses, full size horses, etc. Please, do not even consider making the wrong choice in this matter! We always say, “Why take the chance?!”

So, as plainly as we can state this, DO NOT RUN ALPACAS WITH GOATS, SHEEP, EQUINES, CATTLE and/or PIGS! And be aware of the issues that poultry causes and take steps to mitigate them if you choose to include them.  Ulitmately it is your business.


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Thursday, January 11, 2024