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Take whatever you read on Social Media platforms with a boatload of salt. Trusting anecdotal solutions from well-intentioned but misinformed owners is a good way to make problems for your Alpacas and yourself. Just because people do things their way doesn’t make it right! 

Since were speaking of social media, these are just a few of the Facebook groups to which we belong—we belong to over a dozen:

• Alpaca Farm Life

• Paca This

• Alpaca Everything

• Arizona Alpaca Education and Llama, GCAA

New and not so new Alpaca owners are invited to read or download in the “Alpaca Farm Life” Facebook Group files section:

• ” Alpaca Care Basics for New Owners” (very brief)

• “IC Institute’s Recommended Best Practices for Llamas & Alpacas”

• ” IC Institute’s Minimum Standards of care for Llamas & Alpacas”

Read our Dispelling Alpaca Myths & Errors page (which is in the planning stage currently). Most of these have appeared in one form or another online.


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Thursday, January 11, 2024