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Use short, drinking water hoses that are kept in a shaded area to fill buckets. These are specifically marked to use with potable water. Don’t use standard hoses to fill water buckets. Never fill buckets from standard water hoses left in the sun.

Provide fresh water daily—sometimes several times a day. If you wouldn’t drink it don’t expect them to. Keep it clean!

Ensure 5-gallon water buckets stay clean as they can grow slime every day; scrub/power wash as needed. We have chosen not to use automatic watering devices. Checking water daily keeps you in touch with the herd!

We keep our insulated/heated buckets out all year round. We plug them in when it gets colder. The insulated buckets help keep water cooler in the really hot summer months.

Some ranches employ automatic watering systems/devices in a large cistern. We do not as we prefer to have the responsibility/ability to inspect the water, dump as needed and scrub the bucket clean.


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Thursday, January 11, 2024