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Always double latch gates with bungees, chains. We’ve added bungees at the top after we watched an Alpaca put her head through the opening and panicked as she tried to pull back without lifting her head. Consider keyed or combination padlocks and heavy chains if you might have need to protect from unannounced visitors or thieves.

Get a legitimate livestock guard dog (LGD). We use Great Pyrenees. Some people prefer Llamas, but we trust guards with sharp teeth and big barks. Other options are Anatolian Shepherd, Akbash, and Maremma. There are also LGD groups on Facebook.

Cut passageways between pens for your LGD to be able to roam between pens.

Protect LGD passageways from accidental use by curious crias by hanging a swinging doggie gate in them.


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Thursday, January 11, 2024