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Our Story


Our Alpaca Journey

We’re a passionate pair living out our dream and raising a lively (and prize-winning) herd of alpacas.

Our Story

We are Brian and Valerie, owners and caretakers at Plum Creek Alpacas.

We left Lake Havasu City, Arizona to get out of the extreme heat and enjoy the great outdoors. We enjoy the four seasons offered in Prescott Valley and the peacefulness of watching our alpacas, and dogs.

Valerie is our nurturing mama, she is right out there with the alpaca moms and crias getting them bonding and nursing.

We knew we wanted to raise livestock and explored the countless opportunities and possibilities but since cows and llamas are larger than what we were looking for, we began researching alpacas. With their unique personalities, adorable faces, and exquisite fiber that we love sinking our fingers into, how could we resist?

In March 2017, we bought our very first alpaca Zaynah. Zaynah first cria is 2 1/2 and took a 1st place ribbon @ Nationals 2020. Shortly after buying her, we purchased land in Prescott Valley and began setting up our farm, enjoying the lessons learned each day since.

As of 12/20, we currently have 46 alpacas, with 5 main studs and 3 junior boys coming up in the ranks. Presently, we have 12 confirmed pregnancies due early fall of 2021 and are looking forward the next generation!

As of 1/23, we currently have 49 alpacas, with 9 main studs and 5 junior boys coming up in the ranks. Presently we have 4 fall pregnancies 2023 and 24 confirmed pregnancies due next spring 2024. We have sold over 100 alpacas in last 2 years.

As of 6/23, we started a lease program of select herdsires for select ranches.

As of 9/23, we have 22 crias due next spring and mentoring 21 ranches.

Brian Smith
While he is usually found tending to the farm and taking care of business, Brian is an adventurer and lover of the great outdoors. He travels frequently and enjoys meeting people, sharing his excitement about his own alpaca journey and giving people great advice about starting their own.

Valerie Reiser
Herd Mom
In addition to taking care of her alpaca family, Valerie loves to garden and has quite the green thumb! She is eagerly looking forward to the spring when the new cria's arrive for her nurturing.


In 2021 we found that mentoring new people in the world of alpacas is our passion, we are currently mentoring 14 new alpaca owners, a few are pet owners most are breeders. All started from scratch as we did, with a shortened learning curve then we have had, they are seeing the rewards in their breeding's and show ring quickly.

September 24, 2023